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Sabre's Stealthy Success at JetBlue
JetBlue cut over to Sabre and there have been no reported problems. What has gone right?

Amadeus Speeds Up Migration
Recent conversions of TAM and Aegean show that Amadeus is accelerating the pace of airline migrations

Royal Jordanian Selects Amadeus at the Second Attempt
On the 21st of October 2009 Amadeus announced that it had concluded a 10 year agreement to supply its Altea passenger services suite to Royal Jordanian.

A Web Site Hiccup but Westjet Blazes a Trail
WestJet cut over its Passenger Service Systems from Navitaire to Sabre over the weekend of October 17/18 2009. On Monday 19 October the airline's web site suffered a three-hour outage according to press reports.

Long-Awaited Move from American Airlines
AMR Corporation Signs a Letter of Intent With Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services to Develop Next-Generation Passenger Service System.

TAM Switches to Amadeus in 2010
Amadeus and TAM announce a 10 year agreement for the provision of the Altéa PSS.

Sabre and Datalex are Winners in The Frontier Saga
Frontier continues with Sabre and Datalex, Datalex help drive upsell and improve earnings.

Trouble in the North
Air Canada announce the suspension of the ITA development project to create a new generation PSS in an earnings release from Air Canada, dated 7 August 2009

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