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Welcome to the T2RL site for the airline IT market. T2RL aim to provide a consistent view of the market for airlines' information technology. This enables airlines to make informed decisions when selecting solutions to their technology requirements. It allows solutions vendors to understand the dynamics of the market and their competitive position within it and investors to evaluate opportunities for providing capital to the industry. The data you will find here is the result of over a decade's research into the market by the principals of T2RL. It is derived from published sources and direct primary research that we have carried out since 1999 and continue to carry out in the course of our work with airlines, IT vendors and investors.

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Latest Updates

Global Recovery - Following the devastating effect of the pandemic T2RL are providing ongoing research into the impact on airlines and their vendors. There are some strong signs of a robust recovery. T2RL track the individual and overall impact of the pandemic week by week with analysis of the World's top 50 airlines.
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Latest: T2RL's research highlights 4.63 billion passengers in 2019, that drops to 1.85 billion in 2020, 2.35 billion for 2021, 3.32 billion in 2022 and 4.39 billion in 2023.
New: Global Distribution 2008 to 2023, Regional Online Distribution 2023 and GDS NDC Agreements
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In the year 2022 T2RL recorded:
  • 50 airlines commenced operations
  • 25 airlines ceased operations
  • 27 PSS migrations completed
In the year 2023 T2RL recorded:
  • 36 airlines commenced operations
  • 27 airlines ceased operations
  • 27 PSS migrations completed
In the 1H2024 T2RL recorded:
  • 12 airlines commenced operations
  • 6 airlines ceased operations
  • 17 PSS migrations completed
Past Quarter:
  • New : 2023 Airline Passenger Volumes
  • New : 2023 Airline Domestic and International traffic split
  • New : 2023 Airline Flight count
  • New : 2023 Airline Global distribution splits
  • New : 2023 Airline Load Factor
  • Latest : Airline Subsidiaries Data
  • Latest : PSS Vendor Pareto charts
  • Latest : Quarterly Traffic Data
  • Report : Global Passenger Volumes Analysis Report - June 2024
  • Report : How to Procure Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver Report - June 2024
  • Report : NDC is here to stay - June 2024
  • Report : The Market for Airline Revenue Management Systems - May 2024
  • Report : Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver Status Report - May 2024
  • Report : The Current State of Dynamic Pricing for Airlines
  • Report : The Market for Airline Operations Systems
  • Report : Transformation Series - Are Airlines and Vendors ready for Modular OOSD?

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What's in

The T2RL Database and Business Models
What is it?
The backbone of our analysis is an industry database of virtually all airlines, vendors, relationships, contracts, distribution, passenger activity, e-commerce, migrations and related statistics. We use this data for our own analysis and for producing charts and easy to understand dynamic graphics. Additionally we give the subscribers the ability to drill into the data to do their own analysis and reporting, and download or request specific data extracts.
Airline Franchise Adjustments

Passenger Numbers Adjusted

Reporting on the airline industry is a very challenging activity. Reporting on the supply of IT services to the industry just adds to the complications. At T2RL we have a methodical process to track numbers consistently and provide an ongoing and accurate representation of the state of the market.

Migrations, Renewals and Implementations
See which airlines migrated from which vendor to which new vendor system, with details on announcement date, migration date and implementation duration.

Also see new implementations and renewals for PSS.

Start-up airlines
New airlines are starting up all the time. Despite frequently being unable to return the cost of capital there are investors willing to fund new airline ventures.

We list startups by region, country, city, principle hub, website, fleet, routes, business model, planned operational date, investors and AOC where the information is available.

Applications and Transformation to OOSD
Graphical representation of legacy airline passenger application architecture. The information documents and identifies the relationships between reservations, operational systems, revenue integrity, customer data, revenue management, accounting and business intelligence.
Looking to the future T2RL believes the industry will need to adopt an Offer-Order-Settle-Deliver (OOSD) model for network airlines to gain the flexibility and lower processing costs similar to their LCC competitors. T2RL present in-depth reports and analysis of this ongoing transformation.

Graphical and statistical views of global distribution channels of airlines by channel showing timeline growth.

We work through a combination of publicly available data and our own sources to develop a perspective on where these passengers are sold and the split between direct and indirect channels. We focus on gathering information about seat sales made via airline's websites, call-centres, direct connect channels, host direct and GDS. T2RL also track the NDC (New Distribution Capability) GDS agreements each airline has signed.
Contract Analysis
Contract analysis
In the contracts section you can see which airlines are using which PSS products, and most interestingly the known expiry date of the contracts. By filtering this data by year and by airline size we are able to list the upcoming addressable market for each product over the next 16 years. This is a premium product.
Please contact us for more details.

Airlines Section
Airlines Analysis
Drill down into airline detail, passenger traffic, business model, system vendors and contracts for commercial and operations. Search and filter by name, code, tier, region, country, business model, passenger numbers, Alliance status and software.

Vendor Section
Airline System Vendors
A unique perspective on the key systems vendors including ownership, customers, market share, platforms, functionality, history, analysis and outlook.
Charts New interactive chart are added to the portal every month Market Share Evolution - Market Share Ratio - Pareto Cumulation Charts

Market Share Reports
Market Share Reports
The Reports section delivers the latest calculations of the market shares of the vendors for PSS and other commercial and operations products. Users can filter results by product, region, country, passenger volume tier and passenger numbers.

Insight Reports
As well as capturing data, T2RL is engaged with analysing and understanding what those data represent. The Insight Reports section contains the latest publications from T2RL Analysts on the development of the Airlines IT services industry.

ProcureIT® for RFP
T2RL can save airlines a vast amount of money during complex IT system procurement negotiations. We can run the RFP process in just 17 weeks, reducing legal fees and time for airlines.

Here's what Latam, Caribbean, SAS, Southwest and Japan Airlines have to say about it.
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