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Airlines Grapple With The Impact Of The Covid Pandemic
As the industry grapples with the impact of this pandemic, the following airlines have announced actual or potential reductions in workforce, as approx. 2 thirds of the global fleet is grounded for the foreseeable future; Ryanair 3,000, EasyJet 4,000 laid off for 2 mths, BA 12,000 (nearly 30% of total employees), SAS 5,000, 700 American Airlines pilots have taken early retirement, Norwegian Air 4,700, Air Canada 5,100, Air New Zealand 3,500, Transat AT 3,600 and Lufthansa predicts it may need 10,000 fewer employees in the future. Boeing is laying off 10% of their workforce through voluntary measures and Airbus has furloughed 6,000 production workers, indicating further announcements in June.
Published: 01/05/2020

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