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Jeju sign with Amadeus Navitaire PSS
Jeju Air has signed with Navitaire for their New Skies PSS and is expected to migrate from SITA later in 2021. Jeju processed over 13 million PBs in 2019 and is predicted to process just over 7 million in 2020. SITA will be retiring their PSS in 2022 and T2RL currently record over 30 airlines still needing to migrate from the platform.
Published: 15/12/2020


Navitaire, an Amadeus company, has signed a strategic technology partnership with Jeju Air, South Korea's largest low-cost carrier (LCC). Through this partnership, the airline will use Navitaire's advanced airline platform, including its leading New Skies e-commerce first reservation and retailing system, GoNow day-of-departure and pricing optimization solutions.

Since 2005, Jeju Air has grown rapidly to become the Korean LCC market leader, carrying over 13 million passengers in 2019. The carrier's mission, to share the joy of travel with everyone, has helped the airline become one of the most customer-centric carriers in South Korea. Jeju Air strives to set a new retailing standard in Northeast Asia and throughout the region, with a focus on continuous innovation to offer greater choice and value to customers.

As part of its efforts, Jeju Air selected Navitaire's advanced solutions to build on this success and pursue its digital, innovation and revenue maximization strategies on the path to become a leading customer-centric online retailer.

Navitaire's New Skies reservations solution is an open, digital, e-commerce first platform with comprehensive retailing, analytics, and passenger personalization tools. The solution is designed for efficiency, using a single record approach which manages both the offer and the order throughout the customer lifecycle. Real-time data for decision making and omni-channel processing are hallmarks of New Skies, which are leveraged extensively by airlines with clear industry leadership in innovation, such as Jeju Air.

The move allows the airline to leverage the Navitaire platform's strengths by offering a richer digital customer experience through sales of a broader range of products and services popular with its customers. These digital offers, together with Navitaire's machine-learning enabled pricing optimization, help generate higher ancillary revenue and greater traveler uptake to support the carrier's revenue maximization goals.

With Navitaire, Jeju Air gains access to a scalable platform built on modern technology that is used by many of the leading Hybrid and LCC carriers worldwide. The platform includes an extensive suite of digital APIs, advanced analytics, and data capabilities designed to help the airline respond to market opportunities and maximize their brand to support future growth.

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