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Amadeus acquires Kambr
Amadeus has expanded the integration and partnership announced in July 2021 by acquiring Kambr. Navitaire has been active in developing revenue optimisation capabilities for ancillaries via its API products and services. The acquisition of Kambr expands its capablities for inventory and revenue management control. Accelya's RMS is currently the leading provider of revenue management solutions for Navitaire's customer base. Navitaire will likely push the value of tighter integration and service management as part of the value proposition of Kambr. Given the Navitaire customers' thirst for simplicity, this is likely to resonate. T2RL expects to see more Navitaire customers adopting Kambr as a result.
Published: 31/03/2022

Amadeus today announces the acquisition of Kambr, a three-year-old startup based in Minnesota (US), and which specializes in providing revenue management solutions for airlines. This is the natural evolution of the relationship between the two companies as Kambr, and its revenue management solution, was already a key partner of Navitaire since 2021.

Kambr's offer is known in the market for its ease of use, speed and simplicity, providing actionable recommendations to airlines that deliver real impact on their revenue. Combined with the power of the Altea revenue management capabilities, airlines will have a simpler, more powerful and integrated platform to guide them in their revenue management decisions.

Dave Evans, CEO, Navitaire, an Amadeus company says: 'Last year, we decided to start working more closely with Kambr's team. We have been very impressed by the quality and simplicity of its technology for our low-cost and hybrid carrier customers. This acquisition will result in an even simpler user interface based on agile, cloud-based technology.'

Cyril Tetaz, EVP, Altea, Amadeus says: 'Kambr is a great cultural, business and technical fit for Amadeus. By combining Kambr's airline revenue management expertise and intuitive workflows to the Altea offering based on advanced science, we will further enhance our offer optimization proposition for carriers.'

Jason Kelly, CEO, Kambr says: 'Airlines need simple and effective revenue management solutions that provide actionable insights. By combining the agility and simplicity of Kambr's solutions with the expertise and technical excellence of Amadeus, we believe that airlines now have the right tools to successfully develop their revenue and offer optimization strategy. For Kambr and our team, this is a unique opportunity to grow faster and we are excited to be part of Amadeus.'


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