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This section enables you to search through all 1560 airlines. Filter by passenger numbers, name, code, region, country, alliance, software products and software provider.

Either use the quick links or quick search forms on this page, or for full functionality go to Advanced Airline Search

Currently Tracking 1560 airlines, boarding 4,192,422,510 passengers in 2017

Latest:   2017 Passenger numbers are now available. Airline traffic charts and results can be downloaded.

Airline by Business Model
Network Carriers 199
Hybrid Carriers 199
Low Cost Carriers 162
Franchise Operators 97
Charter Airlines
Charter/Scheduled Airlines 234
Suspended 32
No Longer Operating 461

Airline by Tier
Tier 1 (>25M Passengers) 38
Tier 2 (10 to 25M Passengers) 56
Tier 3 ( 3 to 10M Passengers) 88
Tier 4 (<3M Passengers) 885

Active Airlines

Details of the 3 airline alliances who, between them, control over half the World's passengers. Alliance section
Alliance ratois

Groups There are hundred of Frequent Flyer Programs. T2RL collate data about the schemes, which airlines share them and membership numbers.

airline ecommerceNew airlines are starting up all the time. Despite being unable to return the cost of capital there are investors willing to fund new airline ventures.
We list start ups by region, location, investment, planned operational dates, fleet, routes and staff where the information is available.
Ceased Operations
For every airline created there is at least one other that ceases operations.
Ceased Operations Airlines

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airline ecommerceCompare the airline's own web sites. View data on the web booking sites for all airlines that carry over three million passengers. Find out what proportion of their bookings are made on their website. We track if they take hotel, car or holiday bookings and if flight bookings include Interline and Codeshare partners.

Groups Airlines operate a number of business models to address different market segments. Some carriers use franchise operators extensively to extend their network whilst others operate multiple brands. To reflect these and other relationships T2RL have developed a Group view for airlines.

Group detail shows the ratio of contribution of each member airline to the group total PAX.

Migrations and Implementations
Migrations See which airlines migrated their inventory from which vendor to which new vendor system, with details on announcement date, migration date and implementation duration. Sort by past and future migrations.
Also see new implementations and migrations for Revenue Accounting systems.

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