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T2RL is one of the leading analysts of the market for airline IT services.  Documents in this section represent our insight into the underlying trends and expectations behind the data.  They are available for subscribers to download but remain proprietary to T2RL.  You may not publish or circulate any part of these documents without express written permission from T2RL. 

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OpenJaw and ANA are creating a new booking platform to allow ANA to connect with multiple distribution partners, personalise fare offers, and provide consumers with a consistent retailing experience across all channels.
15 April 2019

Copa Airlines have selected the complete Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway to power their omni-channel retailing and NDC. T2RL are unable to provide any additional insight as T2RL assisted Copa in the procurement exercise for Farelogix.
01 April 2019

Philippine Airlines announced the successful completion of its migration to Amadeus Altea passenger service system (PSS) on 23 March 2019. The migration from Sabre has taken just over 12 months to complete and is the second migration performed by PAL in less than 10 years. T2RL are unable to provide additional information as we supported the RFP and contract negotiations on behalf of PAL.
24 March 2019

Lufthansa's extension of the Amadeus contract is no surprise. Lufthansa was a founder of Amadeus and has had over 30 years of experience in working with Amadeus. The business relationship has seen its ups and downs over time, especially with respect to distribution. However, the parties have always found a way to be able to collaborate despite these challenges. T2RL are unable to provide any additional insight as they worked for the Lufthansa Group as part of the negotiation team.
07 March 2019

AirAsia has extended their existing agreement with Amadeus' Navitaire until 2028 and will continue to use Navitaire’s reservations, inventory, departure control system, e-commerce and loyalty platform. The AirAsia group is Navitaire's second largest customer after Ryanair by passengers boarded and the group is targeting 100 million passengers in 2019. AirAsia has been a Navitaire customer since 2001 and has grown to become the biggest LCC in Asia.
28 February 2019

JetBlue have concluded their RFP and contracting process and have elected to extend their current contract with Sabre. T2RL believe the RFP participants included Amadeus (both Altea and New Skies) and Radixx. The short analysis suggests that any benefits of moving away from Sabre were outweighed with cost and risk of transition. This is good news for Sabre. Retention of the existing clients is a critical piece of the puzzle in completing their transformation program led by Sean Menke and Dave Shirk. T2RL believe the extension will be for five additional years.
13 February 2019

Since Elliot's share purchase there has been considerable speculation on the future of Travelport. The most likely outcome was a move back to private ownership so this is no surprise. The reality is Travelport needed to go private to execute any strategy other than the current strategy. With long-term market share loss and challenging infrastructure Travelport needed to return to private ownership for the breathing space and investment to reset their long-term game plan. This deal comes at a time when Amadeus and Sabre are the only GDSs in the EU investigation and further fuels speculation that Travelport has cleverly found a way to stay out of the EU cross hairs. T2RL believe this is just the beginning of the story and not the end. Watch this space for news on Travelport.
10 December 2018

The EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has announced an investigation into whether the practices at Amadeus and Sabre have resulted in harm to consumers through increased fares. This investigation was not unexpected. The investigation will focus on the GDS agreements with airlines and agents. It appears to specifically target any restrictions the contracts have with respect to new technologies and new methods of distribution and that this in turn drives up the price of the tickets. T2RL believes this will be a very challenging investigation for the EU. Sabre's timing for the purchase of Farelogix seems to be timed almost perfectly as no doubt Farelogix had been one of the specialist firms offering new technology for airline distribution. Ultimately airline distribution is complex and much more about absolute values of revenue less distribution cost than averages. T2RL will follow this case closely in our research and analysis. Stay tuned to
23 November 2018

These articles are available to subscribers only. Contact us for information this service.

GE Aviation has been the global leader in commercial aircraft engine deliveries for many years. On 18-21 February 2019, it hosted a conference in Dallas, around the theme of using data to generate insights. In this First View, T2RL look at GE Aviation's strategy moving forward and how they plan to add value from insights obtained from data.
11 March 2019

IATA continues to promote its new standard for communications between Order Management Systems, delivery and accounting systems. There have been some limited proof of concept projects and a number of airlines have committed publicly to the new standard. In this First View, T2RL look at what is needed to make this standard a success and what it might mean for the industry in the long term.
07 January 2019

Airlines, like many other enterprises, are currently subject to extensive marketing on behalf of blockchain technology providers. In this First View, T2RL looks into this new technology and where it could possibly be used by an airline.
04 January 2019

On 14th November 2018 Sabre Corporation announced that it had agreed to acquire Farelogix for $360 million in cash. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close around the turn of the year. In this First View, T2RL assess the impact that the acquisition will have on customers on both sides and the industry as a whole.
07 December 2018

The most recent annual AGIFORS Symposium took place in Tokyo on 8th-12th October 2018. The conference attracted some of the top minds in aviation operations research, discussing innovative topics which have the potential to create value for airlines in the future. Given the topics of discussion and through T2RLs own experience, over the next few years T2RL expect that Revenue Management will continue to be the most productive area, in terms of both revenue gains for airlines and increased R&D investment by system vendors.
09 November 2018

On 1 February 2018 the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) announced the acquisition of Routehappy, an aggregator of so-called “rich content” relating to airline services. In this First View, T2RL assess the implications of this acquisition and its effectiveness in creating the conditions for long-term success.
12 March 2018

This report examines the comings and goings in the industry in 2017. The most significant losses were in Europe where Air Berlin and Monarch both operated their last services. Almost by definition it is not possible to say which will be the most significant of the start-ups until they have been in operation for a few years but it is likely that they will include at least a few major carriers of the future.

Across the world In 2017 52 new airlines were launched and 48 stopped flying. Of the 48, 17 suspended operations with the hope of restarting in the near future.
07 February 2018

British Airways system outage has caused chaos for some 75,000 passengers. T2RL believe BA can not risk their business and brand by designing and specifying the build of their own systems by third-parties, unless they can obtain the same performance or better as those such as market leaders Amadeus or Sabre.
29 May 2017

Full reports are available for subscribers to download. Feel free to download the extracts which give an introduction and contents table of the full report.

The ‘best’ method of distributing an airline ticket has always been a hot topic of debate within the travel industry. This report examines the channel split of where an airline's passengers boarded are sold.
11 March 2019

This report will examine the comings and goings in the industry in the year that has just ended. Across the world in 2018, 39 new airlines were launched and 66 stopped flying. Of the 66, 45 airlines ceased operations permanently and 21 carriers suspended operations with the hope of restarting in the near future.
11 February 2019

T2RL and partners Travel in Motion (TiM) have produced a report on the current status of IATA's new distribution capability (NDC) and ONE Order including details of projects, vendors, sellers and solutions. The report will be updated on a quarterly basis with the next update planned in April 2019.
04 February 2019

T2RL and partners Travel in Motion (TiM) have produced a report on the current status of IATA's new distribution capability (NDC) and ONE Order including details of projects, vendors, sellers and solutions. The report will be updated on a quarterly basis with the next update planned in January 2019.
16 November 2018

The 2018 version of the T2RL annual report into the state of the market for Airline Passenger Services Systems. It covers all of the main activity in 2017 and the majority of 2018.
21 September 2018

Sabre's new leadership team have reinvigorated the corporation with a clear vision on the integration of airline IT and distribution services. T2RL's latest research provides a perspective on Sabre.
02 October 2018

T2RL’s annual research into global passenger volumes highlights 4.2 billion passengers boarded in the year 2017. The purpose of this report is to provide an industry standard on current, historical and forecast global air passenger volumes.
10 September 2018

T2RL and partners Travel in Motion (TiM) have produced a report on the current status of IATA's new distribution capability (NDC) including details of pilot projects, vendors and solutions. The report will be updated on a quarterly basis with the next update planned in October 2018.
30 July 2018

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