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T2RL is one of the leading analysts of the market for airline IT services. Documents in this section represent our insight into the underlying trends and expectations behind the data. They are available for subscribers to download but remain proprietary to T2RL. You may not publish or circulate any part of these documents without express written permission from T2RL.

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Kambr, a newcomer to the revenue management market, has announced a partnership with PSS provider Navitaire. It is unsurprising given both parties specifically target the LCC market and comes after Kambr migrated AirAsia, one of Navitaire's largest customers, to their RM software earlier this year. The partnership intends to facilitate smoother data integration between the two platforms. The announcement will be a particular concern to Accelya who currently holds over 60% of the market in the LCC RM space with many of these airlines being Navitaire PSS customers.
13 July 2021

Pegasus Airlines in Turkey have announced that they are exploring the opportunity to sell some or all of their stake in an initial public offering. Hitit have benefitted the most from SITA's exit from the PSS business in terms of number of new airline customers. T2RL's view is that Hitit is one of the key challengers to the market leaders, Amadeus and Sabre. An IPO will be likely to generate significant interest given Hitit's market position and potential. Hitit's performance during T2RL's RFP processes has been outstanding with a recent win at Royal Brunei.
02 July 2021

The Radixx reservation system is down following a malware incident affecting their network. It appears no web bookings can be made at this time. Radixx was acquired by Sabre in October 2019 and their system is completely separate from the Sabre PSS. It is still not clear if all Radixx's airline clients have been affected. Radixx are in the process of restoring the system over the next few days.
26 April 2021

TravelSky currently holds 20% of the PSS market placing them in second position up from fourth and 14% in 2019. The Chinese based PSS provider has overtaken Sabre and Navitaire in the T2RL PSS market share table and is now only 2% behind leaders Amadeus reflecting the quick recovery of Chinese carriers during 2020. For more details see the T2RL report section.
12 January 2021

Jeju Air has signed with Navitaire for their New Skies PSS and is expected to migrate from SITA later in 2021. Jeju processed over 13 million PBs in 2019 and is predicted to process just over 7 million in 2020. SITA will be retiring their PSS in 2022 and T2RL currently record over 30 airlines still needing to migrate from the platform.
15 December 2020

Blue Air has reversed their decision in migrating to Hitit earlier in the year and has extended their agreement with Navitaire. Blue Air, who were a long-standing customer of Navitaire for over 10 years, processed 4.2 million PBs in 2019. T2RL is of the understanding that the airline has recently undergone changes to their workforce and shareholders and as they were considered being in financial difficulty before the coronavirus outbreak, needed to meet strict criteria to receive a limited 62 million euro government-backed rescue loan. The airline started flying again in July after being suspended...
25 November 2020

T2RL have been waiting for the news on the new CEO of ATPCO for some time. Rolf Purzer led the transformation of the company from fare re-distributor to positioning ATPCO such that it remains relevant in direct and indirect airline marketing and retailing through the acquisition of Route Happy and support for new techniques in revenue management. Alex Zoghlin was a founder of G2 Switchworks and Orbitz. Both companies were a little ahead of their time in terms of business model and technology. Zoghlin is truly a savvy technologist that intimately understands the challenges and constraints of the...
15 October 2020

Hitit has signed its first airline based in the US. Contour Airlines an ex-SITA customer will cutover in November undertaking a remote migration to Hitit's PSS, Loyalty, Operations and Revenue Accounts platforms. The relationship with Contour, who interline with American Airlines, should help Hitit open the doors to other US-based regional airlines.
06 October 2020

T2RL's global passenger volume projection for 2020 is 2.18 billion, -53% decline from the 4.64 billion in 2019. This takes the market to less than the 2.4 billion reported in 2006 and 2.87 billion below our 2019 projection for 2020 at 5.05 billion. 2020 global traffic projections by region can be found here: Passenger Volumes. The constantly changing market situation regarding borders and schedules creates challenges in estimating how the market will develop. T2RL will continue to research monthly/quarterly reported volumes and airline traffic projections for 2020 will be updated regularly.
06 August 2020

Accelya have been given regulatory approval and concluded their acquisition of Farelogix. T2RL believed that approval would be granted. The reality is this was completed quickly. This reduces uncertainty and provides customers with comfort after the period of uncertainty following the failure to secure regulatory approval of the CMA of the UK by Sabre for the transaction following a successful judgement in the US.
31 July 2020

Today Amadeus published their H1 2020 results. The management call included a slide and statement that "a 40M PB carrier"..."contracted for the Altea PSS. T2RL believe this carrier is likely to be ANA. Amadeus already provide Altea to ANA for the international business and have been negotiating with Amadeus to replace the in-house developed, Unisys based solution. T2RL would expect the migration to take place over more than 24 months, although post-Covid this may be accelerated. Amadeus have significant knowledge of the Japanese market following Japan Airlines migration which should accelerate the time to deployment.
31 July 2020

Today Sean Menke, President and Chief Executive Officer announced a restructuring of the Sabre business. The announcement is significant in that Sabre have removed the separation of the airline IT and GDS businesses and merged them into a single organisation. From T2RL's perspective this makes sense and something T2RL have been seeking for many years in terms of procuring services from Sabre that cover IT and distribution.
09 July 2020

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Hitit has recently announced it is gearing up for an IPO in the near future. In what has been a turbulent year for the industry, this First View explores Hitit's activities in the past year.
07 July 2021

T2RL has released its assessment of 2020 global passenger volumes showing 1.84 Billion passengers boarded - a 60% decline from 2019's 4.63 billion. This first view includes significant highlights from our 2020 passenger volumes and the impact on passengers boarded by the three largest PSS vendors - Amadeus, Sabre & TravelSky.
17 June 2021

IBS has announced that Gulf Air has chosen its iFly Loyalty solution to power its Falconflyer Loyalty programme. This the latest in a string of signings the loyalty vendor has in the pipe. This First View looks at why things are heating up in the loyalty space.
14 April 2021

Amadeus have announced a wide-ranging partnership with Microsoft which will see some or all of its applications moving to the Cloud. This comes a year after Sabre's announcement with Google's cloud hosting. This First View looks at the implications for airlines of these leading IT vendors outsourcing their data hosting.
30 March 2021

Kambr, a recent start-up in the revenue management field has won the business of AirAsia, one of the giants of the LCC world.
09 March 2021

In August T2RL reconciled passenger volumes for the first half of 2020 published by the three largest PSS providers - Amadeus, Sabre & TravelSky - and created a forecast for their full year 2020 passenger volumes. T2RL will continue to research actual passenger volumes and our 2020 vendor forecast will be updated regularly here: Vendor Forecast.
25 August 2020

Along with the rest of the industry, airline loyalty programs are struggling to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. This First View looks at why loyalty is a key area to drive recovery.
15 April 2020

Amadeus and Optym have announced that the airline network planning business of Optym has been acquired by Amadeus. This First View looks at what this acquisition means for the industry.
17 February 2020

T2RL data show 34 airlines changed their PSS provision in 2019, together migrating the management of over two hundred million passengers boarded. T2RL analyse PSS Migration data for 2019, putting this into context with previous years and the vendors who have been the most and least successful over the past five years.
03 February 2020

On September 10, 2019, IBS Software announced that it had completed the acquisition of AD OPT. This First View looks at what this acquisition means for the industry.
25 November 2019

The annual Symposium from AGIFORS (Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies) was held in Seattle, USA from September 30 to October 4, 2019. This First View looks at the presentations given at the forefront of tech research in the airline industry.
17 October 2019

T2RL attended the ATPCO 'Elevate' customer conference in Washington DC on October 1st and 2nd. In this First View T2RL looks at ATPCO's recent activity and why they are succeeding in their reinvention.
07 October 2019

Full reports are available for subscribers to download. Feel free to download the extracts which give an introduction and contents table of the full report.

This is the third edition of T2RL's report on the airline distribution market taking into account where an airline's seats are sold. This edition examines the market in 2020 and the changes that the pandemic has brought to the split of an airlines' distribution channels including how many passengers are sold via the GDS, airline's websites, host direct, call centre, tour operators and direct connect channels.
07 July 2021

T2RL has produced a report on the current status of NDC and ONE Order including details of GDS negotiations and surcharges, vendors, sellers and solutions with our view on how this currently impacts the industry.
26 May 2021

Amadeus recently announced their partnership with Microsoft to move their technical platform to the cloud and Sabre released a similar announcement with Google earlier last year. This report looks at the implications and impacts of the adoption of public cloud by airline service providers and some of the key points airlines need to think about when contracting for these solutions in the future.
11 May 2021

This is the fourth edition of T2RL's analysis on the market recovery for the airline industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is a very different place today than it was this time last year, and even more dramatically different from 2019. It is also now apparent that some of the changes seen in the past year are here to stay for quite some time. This report examines the impact of the vaccine rollout on international travel and effects the current climate is having on airline IT contracting, distribution and technology.
14 April 2021

Loyalty has become a key asset for airlines in 2021. In this report T2RL analyses the current market for airline loyalty management systems. It compares the market share of the major vendors as well as highlighting pivotal migrations which are set to take place and the importance that redemption will play in the coming years.
08 April 2021

T2RL's research highlights 1.7 billion passengers boarded in the market for airline revenue management systems in 2020 down 60% on 2019. This report highlights the key vendors by market share, key migrations and trends for 2020 and 2021.
08 February 2021

Across the world in 2020, 22 new airlines were launched and 31 carriers ceased operations. This report will examine the comings and goings in the aviation industry highlighting the impact of Covid-19 in the year that has just ended, with comparisons to the previous years.
28 January 2021

Existing interline standards have served the industry well since they were defined in 1947 but they have significant gaps in the modern world. This paper delves into the history of interline and how and why it is set to change in the near future.
15 December 2020

This is the third edition of T2RL's analysis on the market recovery for the airline industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This report focuses on the general market for airline services after the announcement of viable vaccines and the impact we expect this to have on air travel, airline distribution and airline technology.
15 December 2020

T2RL have produced a report on the current status of NDC and ONE Order including details of projects, vendors, sellers and solutions with our view on how this currently impacts the industry.
11 November 2020

This is T2RL's 4th edition of the Global Passenger Volumes Analysis Report. The report includes an in-depth analysis of 2019 passenger volumes, historical growth analysis, 2020 global passenger volume projections and longer-term predictions.
26 October 2020

The 2020 version of the T2RL annual report into the state of the market for Airline Passenger Services Systems is now in its twelth year. This report covers all of the main activity in 2019 and the majority of 2020.
14 October 2020

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