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Coronavirus COVID-19 Airline Impact
There is no doubt that COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on volumes of bookings in the travel industry. Airlines are cutting their schedules and asking staff to take unpaid leave as a result of cancellations, restrictions and the fall in demand. A number of airlines have closed their doors, and over 250 have suspended all operations although there are some that have re-started operations. Others such as Korean Air, already facing difficulties have written to staff to set expectations that the situation is grave. Volumes have recovered over time so T2RL have made the decision to track the top 50 airlines which currently account for 62% of the global passengers boarded (Adjusted) as an indicator for of the impact of COVID-19.


Airline Impact (Top-50)

American Airlines 7/4/2020 - AA is is suspending at least 90% of its flights at New York’s airports - LGA, JFK and EWR starting from 7th April until 6th May 2020.
3/4/2020 - AA is cutting between 70% - 75% of domestic flights in April and about 80% in May. For both months it is cutting nearly 90% of its international flights.
24/3/2020 - AA has already cut 50% of its capacity in March, 40% domestically and 75% internationally.
14/3/2020 - AA announced a phased suspension of long-haul international flights from the U.S. starting from 16th March until 6th May.
Delta Air Lines 4/4/2020 - Deltas schedule for April will be atleast 80% less than planned, with 115,000 flights cancelled.
27/3/2020 - More than 21,000 Delta employees have volunteered for unpaid leave, other employees hours reduced and senior management are taking pay cuts of 25%-50%.
18/3/2020 - Delta has decided to make a system wide cut in capacity by 70% and international capacity by 80% for the next 2 to 3 months.
13/3/2020 - From March 16th, Delta will significantly reduce its U.S. to Europe flights, following the U.S. government directive restricting travel between the U.S. and Europe.
Southwest Airlines 1/4/2020 - Southwest Airlines will cut more than 40% of flights from 3rd May until 5th June 2020.
23/3/2020 - Southwest has suspended all international flights from 23rd March until 3rd May 2020.
17/3/2020 - Southwest annouced that they will cut 'at least' 20% of flights and that its load factor has been trending toward 50% in recent days after running 67% in the first two weeks of March.
United Airlines 26/3/2020 - United Airlines has cut 68% of it's overall capacity with 52% domestic and 95% International.
16/3/2020 - United Airlines has proposed a 50% cut in corporate salaries owing to the cash crisis.
10/3/2020 - United has suspended flights to/from Italian airports until 30th April and has also cut services to Israel.
China Southern Airlines 25/3/2020 - As of 25th March 2020, China Southern Airlines has over 130 parked aircrafts.
18/3/2020 - China Southern Airlines load factor in February 2020 was at 47%.
13/3/2020 - The airline said it will reopen Shenzhen-Bangkok service starting from March 13, the company's first resumed international flight departing from Shenzhen following the large-scale suspension of flights.
10/3/2020 - The airline is not currently operating its five A380s, with the last A380 commercial flight reported on 12th Feb.
24/2/2020 - China Southern Airlines resumed over 2,100 domestic flights mainly from southwest, central and southern China to first-tier cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and east China.
Ryanair 24/3/2020 - Ryanair has suspended all flights from 24th March until June 2020.
20/3/2020 - Ryanair staff will take a 50% pay cut for April and May. CEO Michael O’Leary said the company had the cash to survive “maybe even 12 months”.
18/3/2020 - Between 18th -24th March, the Ryanair Group will be cutting schedules by over 80%. Ryanair expects most flights to be grounded from 24th March.
China Eastern 25/3/2020 - China Eastern Airlines has reconfigured two passenger aircrafts to use for cargo operations.
5/3/2020 - 5 international routes and 163 domestic routes were restored.
1/3/2020 - Reports of 70% of China Eastern’s flights being cancelled in February. Long-haul flights from Shanghai to Chicago and Honolulu have both been suspended.
Air China 7/4/2020 - Air China will resume some domestic flights departing from Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province.
15/3/2020 - Air China has reduced international flights in response to the various ongoing travel bans and government regulations.
5/3/2020 - In February 2020, Air China cut around 68% of capacity.
EasyJet 6/4/2020 - EasyJet has secured a £600 million loan from the Treasury and Bank of England’s emergency coronavirus fund.
30/3/2020 - EasyJet has grounded its entire fleet and suspended all flights from 30th March 2020, after completing hundreds of repatriation flights. It has also reached an agreement to furlough cabin crew for 2 months from 1st April, paying them through a UK government job-retention scheme.
18/3/2020 - Easyjet has put their winter 2020/2021 schedule on sale so that passengers that have existing bookings can change to a flight for travel up until February 2021. They have also waived any date/destination change fees. 
15/3/2020 - Easyjet has cancelled all flights to/from Italy and Spain. However, they will operate rescue flights to help people return home.
Air France 7/4/2020 - Air France has reduced 90% of their capacity in response to the impact of the virus. This service reduction is currently expected to last until the end of May.
Turkish Airlines 3/4/2020 - Turkish Airlines has now suspended all operations from 3rd April until 20th April 2020.
28/3/2020 - Turkish Airlines has suspended all international flights from 28th March 2020 until 1st May 2020. Only domestic flights to 14 cities in Turkey will be operated on a limited basis.
13/3/2020 - Flights with Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Holland as departure point are suspended.
3/3/2020 - Fights to China’s Xi’an, Guangzhou and Shanghai cities are suspended.
AirAsia 28/3/2020 - AirAsia Malaysia suspended all flight operations on 28th March until 21st April 2020.
10/3/2020 - AirAsia is offering 6 million heavily discounted seats (including 0 fare seats) for a promotion called the 'Big Sale'.
28/2/2020 - AirAsia Group will defer delivery of 78 Airbus SE A330neo planes and consider selling two A330s that could fetch up to $100 million and return five others to lessors early.
Lufthansa 7/4/2020 - Lufthansa is retiring its five Boeing 747-400's and is also accelerating the phasing out of its six A380's, expecting significant decline in demand after COVID19 and citing environmental and economic disadvantages of operating the aircraft. 20/3/2020 - The Lufthansa Group will ground 700 of its 763 aircrafts, almost its entire fleet. They will completely stop Intercontinental flights leaving 5% operational towards the return of German and Swiss citizens.
16/3/2020 - The Lufthansa group said in a statement that it would cut long-haul capacity by up to 90% from 17th March, and would only operate 20% of intra-Europe flights.
13/3/2020 - Lufthansa said it would scrap its annual dividend, slash its flight schedule further and is also considering a request for state aid to help deal with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.
IndiGo 7/4/2020 - Indigo has been authorised by the government to operate 30 emergency relief flights to carry essential items such as medical equipment across the country.
25/3/2020 - Indigo has suspended all international flights from 22nd March 2020 and all domestic flights from 25th March 2020 in line with the Indian governments directive to suspend all commercial passenger flights.
Emirates 6/4/2020 - Emirates has resumed operating limited passenger flights from 6th April 2020 to Zurich, Brussels, London and Frankfurt.
1/4/2020 - The government of Dubai has offered its backing to Emirates, and will “inject equity into the company” in order to protect the airline from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
23/3/2020 - Emirates suspended all flight operations on 25th March 2020 due to the UAE governments directive to stop all passenger flights.
Air Canada 8/4/2020 - Air Canada has applied for the federal wage subsidy from the government for it's 36,000 domestic employees of which 16,500 have already temporarily been laid off.
31/3/2020 - Air Canada will cut capacity by 90% in Q2 2020 and temporarily reduce its workforce.
23/3/2020 - Air Canada will suspend most of its international and U.S. flights by 31st March 2020.
10/3/2020 - Air Canada has suspended all flights to Italy. In January they halted all direct flights to China. The airline’s shares have fallen about 40% in the past seven weeks.
British Airways 02/4/2020 - BA announced the suspension of 36,000 staff. The agreement means that up to 80% of cabin crew, ground staff, engineers and those working at head office will have their jobs suspended but no staff are expected to be made redundant.
31/3/2020 - BA have suspended all flights from Gatwick Airport, flights to/from Heathrow remain operational.
18/3/2020 - BA expects a flight capacity reduction by atleast 75% for April and May. The airline has cancelled hundreds of flights to Europe and various other regions.
10/3/2020 - Following the collapse of Flybe, BA has regained 12 coveted flight slots which were reserved for its rivals on Scottish routes since BA took over former carrier BMI eight years ago. BA has also cancelled all flights to/from Italy and is preparing to ground many more flights.
Alaska Airlines 26/3/2020 - Alaska Airlines will cut around 70% of their routes for April and May 2020.
12/3/2020 - The airline has seen maximum flight cancellations and reductions in bookings for March and April 2020.
ANA (Domestic) 4/4/2020 - ANA Holdings Inc. has asked the government and private financial institutions to make 1.3 Trillion Yen credit line available to them due to their revenue decline.
28/3/2020 - ANA will cut domestic services by 20% until summer 2020.
19/3/2020 - ANA has proposed having 5000 cabin crew take unpaid leave from work which is around 30% of their total employees.
13/3/2020 - ANA has cancelled an additional 1,360 flights on 42 routes, raising the total number of canceled flights to 2,224 this month.
Japan Airlines 2/4/2020 - Japan Airlines will reduce international flight capacity by 85% until 30th April 2020. JAL executives will return 10% of their remuneration for 3 months from April, due to the airlines worsening earnings outlook.
13/3/2020 - From 20th - 28th March Japan Airlines will temporarily cut 1,468 domestic flights.
Hainan Airlines 28/3/2020 - In line with the new regulation from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Hainan airlines will now maintain only one route to any country and limit the number of flights to one per week.
12/3/2020 - Hainan Airlines plans to resume all domestic flights into and out of Hainan.
1/10/2020 - The HNA Group will essentially be taken over by the government of the Hainan province in order to be rescued. The airline stated that “the Hainan Provincial People’s Government has recently led a joint effort with related departments to set up a “Hainan HNA Group Joint Working Group.”
1/3/2020 - In February, Hainan Airlines suspended all international flights.
JetBlue 4/4/2020 - JetBlue has reduced it's capacity by 70% for April 2020 and parked 100 of it's aircrafts due to rapid decline in passenger demand. It expects a 94% fall in passengers for April compared to the same period last year.
18/3/2020 - Jetblue stated "last year on a typical day in March we took in about $22 million from bookings and ancillary fees. Throughout this March, our sales have fallen sharply and in the last several days we have taken in an average of less than $4 million per day while also issuing over $20 million per day of credits to Customers for canceled bookings". 
11/3/2020 - JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes said the airline is facing a more significant drop in bookings than after 9/11. JetBlue decreased 5% of its capacity for April and is reviewing further cuts.
Norwegian Air Shuttle 8/4/2020 - Norwegian has operated multiple rescue flights on behalf of the government to ensure that thousands of Scandinavian passengers could return home.
25/3/2020 - The airline said it has secured necessary financial support approvals from the country’s banks to be eligible to receive the first installment of 10% from the Norwegian government’s $274 million state aid package offered.
16/3/2020 - Norwegian cut 15% of capacity on 10th March, which was then increased to an 85% capacity cut from 16th March 2020. The airline also temporarily laid off 7300 employees.
Lion Air 19/3/2020 - Lion Air Group has suspended all international flights to/from Malaysia until 31st March 2020 following the governments decision to lock down the country. Lion Air Group will continue its domestic flights within Malaysia and Indonesia.
9/3/2020 - Lion Air has suspended all flights to/from China untill April 30th.
28/2/2020 - Indonesia’s Lion Air has deferred plans for a $500 million stock market IPO.
Aeroflot 23/3/2020 - The Russian government has imposed a ban on all international flights from the 27th of March, but they have granted their state-owned flag carrier Aeroflot virtual monopoly on essential international services designated for evacuating Russians and returning foreign citizens to their respective countries.
16/3/2020 - Aeroflot has announced a temporary suspension of flights between Moscow and 30 different destinations.
11/3/2020 - Aeroflot has announced that it will suspend nearly all flights to Spain, France, Germany and Italy from March 13 until April 30. Other flights previously cancelled and reduced by Aeroflot were to China, HongKong, South Korea, Vietnam and Iran.
Cathay Pacific 3/4/2020 - Cathay Pacific and subsidiary Cathay dragon have cut capacity by 97% in April and May 2020 due a severe drop in demand.
17/3/2020 - Cathay announced that it will sell 6 of its Boeing 777-300ER planes to BOC Aviation. The deal is set to be worth $703.8 million dollars and will help the airline amid the consequences of the virus outbreak.
2/3/2020 - Cathay Pacific has parked half of its fleet and slashed nearly three-quarters of March flights. It will be keeping 120 planes out of the sky at any one time. 75% of staff or 27,000 employees have been asked to take 3 weeks unpaid leave.
LATAM Airlines (Chile) 2/4/2020 - LATAM Airlines Group has reported that they will reduce their overall capacity by 95% in April 2020.
20/3/2020 - LATAM Airlines Group said they would cut the salaries of their 43,000 employees by 50%.
12/3/2020 - LATAM Airlines Group have implemented a hiring freeze and will offer unpaid leave to some workers.
Saudia 21/3/2020 - Saudia suspended all international flights on 15th March and all domestic flights on 21st March due to the governments ban on all commercial flights.
Wizz Air 5/4/2020 - Wizz Air is suspending routes from Romania to the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland due to imposed travel restrictions. Routes to Belgium, Austria, Spain, France and Germany remain suspended until 30th April.
23/3/2020 - Wizz Air has grounded 85% of it's fleet and cut capacity by 30% in March. The airline expects normal operations to regularize by July 2020.
16/3/2020 - Wizz Air has suspended all flights to Italy (from 10th March), Israel (from 12th March), Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Poland (from 16th March), Georgia and Turkey (from March 20th).
GOL 25/3/2020 - GOL has suspended all international flights from 28th March until 3rd May 2020.
24/3/2020 - GOL will reduce its domestic flight capacity by 92% and international flight capacity by 100% until early May 2020. GOL will maintain only 50 essential domestic flights in Brazil.
Qantas 27/3/2020 - Qantas Group has secured A$1.05 billion ($622.6 million) in debt funding against 7 of its 11-strong fleet of wholly-owned Boeing 787-9s it bought with cash in recent years. This funding increases the Group's available cash balance to A$2.95 billion.
24/3/2020 - Qantas has suspended 50% of domestic flights until the end of May 2020. The airline will continue to operate essential domestic, regional and freight operations within the country.
19/3/2020 - Qantas will ground its entire international fleet including overseas Jetstar flights from late March until end May. Two-thirds of their staff will be temporarily stood down until then.
Scandinavian Airlines 7/4/2020 - SAS has suspended all international flight operations on 7th April 2020 until further notice. The airline will operate only a few domestic routes in Norway and Sweden during April 2020. Nearly 11,000 employees have been temporarily laid off in Scandinavia, which is more than 90% of their total workforce.
21/3/2020 - SAS has grounded most of their fleet and has sent nearly 3500 employees home using the Danish aid package.
18/3/2020 - Governments of Sweden and Denmark will provide more than 275 million euros to protect SAS from the economic impact of the virus.
15/3/2020 - SAS will temporarily halt most of its traffic starting from 16th March 2020.
Avianca 27/3/2020 - Avianca has offered all employees a voluntary unpaid leave program, 14,000 employees have accepted this offer so far.
25/3/2020 - Avianca has suspended all domestic flights from 25th march until 12th April and all international flights from 23rd March to 1st May 2020.
Pegasus 30/3/2020 - Pegaus Airlines has suspended all domestic flight operations from 28th March until 30th April 2020.
15/3/2020 - Pegasus has suspended flights to Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands from 16th March until 17th April.
11/3/2020 - Pegasus has announced that all flights to/from Italy and Iraq from March 1 - April 16 are cancelled and all flights to/from Iran from February 24 - April 16 are cancelled.
Qatar Airways 2/4/2020 - Qatar Airways has downsized their operations significantly and is currently the only airline flying from their base at Doha.
29/3/2020 - Qatar airways has continued to fly to Europe, Asia and Australia, bringing Qatari citizens who have been left stranded back home.
20/3/2020 - Qatar Airways has reduced it's capacity by 75% and grounded all of it’s A380 aircrafts until 1st June 2020.
15/3/2020 - Qatar Airways has suspended services to/from Italy, Jordan and Kuwait. They have also put a hold on stopover services in Doha.
Sichuan Airlines 31/3/2020 - Sichuan Airlines will operate only one weekly international service until early May 2020, as the CAAC has restricted all airlines to operate to only one destination in any country, once a week only.
Spirit 1/4/2020 - Spirit Airlines has planned a 45% capacity reduction in April and a 75% capacity reduction in May.
Eurowings 7/4/2020 - The Lufthansa Group announced that it will reduce the long-haul business of Eurowings, in addition to permanently discontinuing Germanwings operations.
23/3/2020 - From 25th March 2020, Eurowings is planning to reduce to around 10% percent of their previous flight capacity.
10/3/2020 - Eurowings has sent special flights with an aim to bring around 2500 people back to Germany.
Korean Air 8/4/2020 - Korean Air furloughs 70% of employees for 6 months from 16th April until 15th October 2020.
27/3/2020 - Korean Air announced that salaries of its executive VPs and above will be reduced by 50% senior VPs by 40%, and managing VPs by 30%, starting from April.
22/3/2020 - Korean Air has announced an 85% reduction in international flights.
10/3/2020 - Korean Air is reportedly fighting for survival and encouraging employees to take voluntary leave. All 10 Airbus A380s are taken out of service until April 25th.
Vueling 24/3/2020 - Vueling is currently operating less than 25% of their capacity.
WestJet 30/3/2020 - Westjet has extended their international flights suspension until 4th May 2020.
24/3/2020 - 6,900 Westjet employees are receiving notices confirming early retirements, early outs and both voluntary and involuntary leaves.
16/3/2020 - Westjet will suspend scheduled commercial operations for all international and transborder flights for 1 month from 22nd March 2020.
Shandong Airlines 31/3/2020 - Shandong Airlines will operate only one weekly international service until early May 2020, as the CAAC has restricted all airlines to operate to only one destination in any country, once a week only.
Virgin Australia 31/3/2020 - Virgin Australia has asked the Federal Government for a $1.4 billion loan to help the airline through the coronavirus crisis.
25/3/2020 - Virgin Australia will cut its domestic flights by 90% and put 80% of it's employees on leave.
18/3/2020 - Virgin Australia will suspend all international flights from 30th March 30th until 14th June 2020.
Iberia 29/3/2020 - Iberia expects to reduce capacity by 80% in April and May 2020.
Garuda Indonesia 21/3/2020 - Garuda Indonesia has reduced domestic frequencies and has seen a 30%-35% drop in the domestic market. 
20/3/2020 - Garuda’s international market has been hit hard, with entry restrictions to various countries including Saudi Arabia where the carrier normally flies more than half a million Indonesian pilgrims each year.
9/3/2020 - The airline is planning to deploy capacity on cargo routes as it seeks to contain the hit of the virus outbreak.
4/2/2020 - Garuda Indonesia has temporarily suspended 40 flights to/from China daily.
VietJet Air 26/3/2020 - Vietjet has launched an insurance policy named "SKY COVID CARE" that allows passengers to claim up to 200 million Vietnamese dong ($8,550) if they are infected with the virus while travelling on one of its flights.
18/3/2020 - Vietjet has suspended all international flights to and from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia from 20th March 2020.
9/3/2020 - Vietjet has suspended all flights to Hongkong and Macau until April 30th.
1/2/2020 - VietJet has suspended all flights to China from February.
Azul 25/3/2020 - Azul has cut its planned capacity by 90% until the end of April 2020.
16/3/2020 - Azul will cut all of its international flights out of its main hub in Sao Paulo.
11/3/2020 - Azul has halted hiring and offered employees unpaid leave.
Air India 7/4/2020 - Air India is operating repatriation flights to Germany, France, Ireland and London. Cargo flights are also operating to/from Shanghai carrying medical equipment.
4/4/2020 - Air India has extended their flight suspension until the end of April 2020.
25/3/2020 - Air India has suspended all international flights from 22nd March 2020 and all domestic flights from 25th March 2020 in line with the Indian governments directive to suspend all commercial passenger flights.
Alitalia 23/3/2020 - Alitalia is currently operating 100 flights a day, a quarter of its normal activity.
20/3/2020 - The Italian government has taken full ownership and control of Alitalia on 17th March 2020 to save the airline from collapsing amid the virus outbreak.
Vietnam Airlines 30/3/2020 - Vietnam Airlines has cut domestic services further and will only operate 3 daily return flights until 15th April 2020.
20/3/2020 - Vietnam Airlines has temporarily suspended all international flights from 21st March until 30th April 2020.
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