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T2RL is one of the leading analysts of the market for airline IT services. Documents in this section represent our insight into the underlying trends and expectations behind the data.
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Datalex has announced the appointment of Jonathan Rockett as CEO to replace Sean Corkery who has been leading the company for the past 4 years. Jonathan joins from Ding where he held the role of MD and CFO.
07 November 2023

Just over 30% of IBS Software's shares change hands for 450 million USD, VK Mathews remains as majority shareholder, Founder and Executive Chairman.
15 May 2023

Hitit has announced the migration of Air Peace to its platform, Hitit Crane. The deal includes full PSS, IBE, Loyalty and its Mobile App. This is Hitit's fourth migration this year. Air Peace boarded near to 5 million PBs in 2022 and the migration pushes Hitit into second place in the African region with over 15% of the PSS market.
23 March 2023

Accelya has announced the appointment of ex-Sabre CEO and Chairman, Sam Gilliland, as its next CEO. A seasoned travel industry veteran, Sam brings a wealth of experience from all parts of the travel industry. The announcement comes four years after Sabre's unsuccessful attempt to purchase Farelogix for $360 million, which was consequently sold to Accelya in 2020.
14 November 2022

FLYR Labs has announced it has acquired the offer and order management provider Pribas for an undisclosed amount. Pribas, a Germany based 'alternative PSS provider' launched its platform, AirBroker ONE in 2018 which is purely based on the newer technology principles of NDC and ONE Order. The Norwegian LCC, Flyr (not to be confused with FLYR Labs) was Pribas's first customer to fully complete a booking solely using the new reservation/offer and order management platform. This is a major move for FLYR Labs, clearly entering the PSS market when airlines are actively looking to develop their order...
14 September 2022

This webinar from 5th April joins Bert Craven, Dieter Westermann and Ian Luck who discuss the different types of 'dynamics' in the industry and what airlines should think about when rolling out these capabilities.
23 May 2022

Avianca is the commercial brand that integrates the customer and cargo airlines under Avianca Group International Limited. Today, Avianca offers over 14 million customers the most complete network in Colombia and one of the largest in Latin America with more than 110 routes, more than 3,200 flights and more than 500,000 seats per week.
13 April 2022

JetBlue has made a $3.6 Billion cash offer for Spirit Airlines. Spirit has already agreed a merger with Frontier Airlines. The combination of Frontier and Spirit was a much more obvious proposition given that the two airlines share most key characteristics in their ultra low-cost business models. JetBlue positions itself a a premium LCC and integration with Spirit could be more problematic. Unlike Spirit and Frontier JetBlue does not use the Navitaire PSS from Amadeus although it was the launch customer for Navitaire's New Skies system which it used until 2010 when it switched to Sabre.
06 April 2022

Amadeus has expanded the integration and partnership announced in July 2021 by acquiring Kambr. Navitaire has been active in developing revenue optimisation capabilities for ancillaries via its API products and services. The acquisition of Kambr expands its capablities for inventory and revenue management control. Accelya's RMS is currently the leading provider of revenue management solutions for Navitaire's customer base. Navitaire will likely push the value of tighter integration and service management as part of the value proposition of Kambr. Given the Navitaire customers' thirst for simplicity,...
31 March 2022

Dieter Westermann and Ian Luck present Dynamic Pricing and Distribution : Indexing the Progress showcasing our latest research highlights and analysis on Dynamic Pricing. This hot issue in the airline industry is the subject of much speculation around how quickly it may progress, especially in indirect channels.
10 March 2022

Hitit has raised a capital injection of around USD 25 million with an IPO price of TL12.25 per share. The company was valued at around USD 115 million with a free float of 28%. Hitit plans to use the raised capital to further support its international growth and expansion.
02 March 2022

As announced in October of last year Sabre has now completed the sale of its AirCentre operations portfolio to CAE of Canada. The sale is valued at $392.5 million and includes technology and intellectual property as well as the transfer of associated staff.
01 March 2022

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IATA held a series of industry meetings including the World Passenger Symposium in Chicago during the week of 23rd October. T2RL was invited to attend the combined WPS/WFS but in common with all non-airline organisations was excluded from the closed meetings. This report gives T2RL's view on the discussions and issues raised in the move to Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver.
06 November 2023

On October 19th Amadeus announced that it has contracted to supply PSS to Vietnam Airlines. This First View explores what this win means to the industry.
24 October 2023

T2RLEngage 2023 took place on the 18th-20th September hosting nearly 500 delegates with discussions spanning throughout workshops, solutions rooms, panels and keynotes. This report takes you through the key takeaways and learnings.
29 September 2023

Virgin Atlantic has relaunched its initiative in NDC sales and servicing with an announcement that it would not penalise other distribution technologies. T2RL assesses this news and how this strategy sets it apart from most of the early adopters.
11 September 2023

Sabre has announced that Kurt Ekert will succeed Sean Menke as CEO on 27 April 2023. This First View explores what this appointment could mean for Sabre and the wider industry.
02 March 2023

Hitit has announced that it has entered a five year contract with Turkish Airlines Group to supply its Crane Passenger Services System to the group's AnadoluJet subsidiary. T2RL speculates what this signing could mean for the PSS vendor and the market as a whole.
27 February 2023

At the start of the year Amadeus launched the spin-off of its payments division into the company Outpayce. At the end of November, Sabre announced its purchase of the company Conferma Pay in August 2022 as well as a recent partnership with Mastercard. This First View assesses the benefits and drawbacks to airlines of using Virtual Credit Cards and why this method of payment may become increasingly important for an airline's travel agency network.
31 January 2023

It is inevitable that the number and frequency of severe weather events will grow as the climate crisis develops. In addition it is very unlikely that the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine will be the last such events to impact the airline industry. T2RL speculates what may be next for Operational systems.
18 January 2023

Finnair and Amadeus have announced in a press release that Finnair will use Amadeus solutions for both Offers and Orders in a step that will see them cooperate on 'the transformation of airline retailing'. T2RL speculates on what this step could mean for both airlines and IT vendors.
15 December 2022

American Airlines (AA) has announced significant changes to its distribution strategy, which follows on from news in October that it has deals with all three major GDSs to distribute NDC content. This First View analyses what this may mean for the market and if this could allow AA to mitigate revenue risk.
05 December 2022

Accelya has announced that Sam Gilliland, the former CEO of Sabre, will be its new CEO. Jim Davidson will take the advisory role of Vice Chairman. T2RL speculates what this appointment could mean for Accelya and what options the company has to move forward.
15 November 2022

T2RLEngage 2022 took place from 28th - 30th September in London. The conference marked the first face-to-face T2RL conference following two years of virtual events. The conference attracted over 90 airline delegates representing 50 airlines boarding over 40% of global passengers. T2RL has highlighted three key takeaways from the event.
17 October 2022

Full reports are available for subscribers to download. Feel free to download the extracts which give an introduction and contents table of the full report.

T2RL has forecast global passenger volumes in 2023 to be 4.39 billion, a 32% increase from the 3.33 billion in 2022, a 138% increase from 2020, and only a 5% decline from the 4.46 billion in 2019. This report looks at the full analysis of T2RL's passenger projections for the full year 2023.
16 November 2023

As we approach the end of 2023 global passenger numbers are returning to near the levels they last reached in 2019. It is quite likely that next year will see volumes surpass those of 2019 for the first time. This is welcome news for airlines and technology vendors alike but it is far from being a complete end to the story. This report looks at the top five PSS vendors for 2023 in terms of market share.
20 October 2023

The recent push in the industry to retail modernisation has handed airlines and aggregators a huge opportunity. We have seen a number of new aggregators enter the market in recent years, however the rate has slowed in the last 12 months. This report takes a look at the current state of the aggregator market, drivers for adoption, key players and predictions on where this is heading in the next five years.
11 October 2023

T2RL's annual report on the state of the market for Airline Passenger Services Systems covers all of the main activity from PSS vendors in 2022 and the majority of 2023.
14 September 2023

In 2022 the global market remained unsettled with the pandemic still causing ripple effects on overall passenger numbers. Corporate bookings remained low in comparison to 2019 and travel restrictions suppressed volumes in markets such as China. One particular trend that may not return 'back to normal' is the shift in airlines' bookings transacted via their direct channels. This report takes a deeper dive into our distribution split data and the trends we have been seeing in this space, including how many passengers are sold via the GDS, airline's websites and mobile apps, host direct, call centre, tour operators and other third party channels.
06 September 2023

T2RL has produced a report on the current status of Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver developments, replacing the regular NDC and ONE Order update report. This includes details of new implementations and IT developments for airlines and vendors and the impact these may have on the market.
31 August 2023

This is the fourth in a series of reports that T2RL has produced during the course of 2023 on the transformation to the new Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver environment. This particular report considers the impact of the changes on those organisations that sell on behalf of the airlines. These are primarily travel agents of various kinds, including the large Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), the major Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and the retail travel agencies that serve a mix of business, leisure and inclusive tour travel.
20 July 2023

This is T2RL's 7th edition of the Global Passenger Volumes Analysis Report. The report includes an in-depth analysis of 2022 passenger volumes and historical growth analysis. T2RL's annual research into global passenger volumes highlights 3.32 billion passengers boarded from January to December 2022. These findings are based on analysis of over a thousand carriers and represent a 28% decline from 2019, 80% growth from 2020 and 41% growth from 2021.
17 July 2023

This is the third in a series of reports that T2RL has produced during the course of 2023 on the transformation to the new Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver environment. This particular report considers the level of investment that will be needed to achieve the transformation and the cost benefits that will be available once the process is complete.
07 June 2023

T2RL has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the current-state airline operations environment, delving into vendor technology offerings, real-world examples of airline IROPs management processes, and publicly available data. This report provides targeted, actionable measures that airlines and their technology partners can implement to enhance disruption response and overall reliability.
23 May 2023

This is the second in a series of reports that T2RL will produce during the course of 2023. They will cover the transformation that is finally happening in the way that airlines sell and deliver their services, moving to an Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver environment. This particular report focuses on the transition and the different ways that vendors and airlines could go about this. As well as some of the challenges that a transition period like this is likely to bring for at least the next decade and quite possibly a lot more.
27 April 2023

Revenue Management and pricing optimisation play a fundamental part in Offer Management as the industry moves further towards retail modernisation. Moving forward, T2RL predict that 'controlling the offer' will become the main playing field for vendors to compete for the majority of airline IT spend. This report highlights the key vendors in this area by market share, key airline migrations in 2022 and 2023 to date, plus an insight into opportunities and challenges in the area of Offer Management.
21 April 2023

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