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T2RL is one of the leading analysts of the market for airline IT services. Documents in this section represent our insight into the underlying trends and expectations behind the data. They are available for subscribers to download but remain proprietary to T2RL. You may not publish or circulate any part of these documents without express written permission from T2RL.

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This webinar from 5th April joins Bert Craven, Dieter Westermann and Ian Luck who discuss the different types of 'dynamics' in the industry and what airlines should think about when rolling out these capabilities.
23 May 2022

Avianca is the commercial brand that integrates the customer and cargo airlines under Avianca Group International Limited. Today, Avianca offers over 14 million customers the most complete network in Colombia and one of the largest in Latin America with more than 110 routes, more than 3,200 flights and more than 500,000 seats per week.
13 April 2022

JetBlue has made a $3.6 Billion cash offer for Spirit Airlines. Spirit has already agreed a merger with Frontier Airlines. The combination of Frontier and Spirit was a much more obvious proposition given that the two airlines share most key characteristics in their ultra low-cost business models. JetBlue positions itself a a premium LCC and integration with Spirit could be more problematic. Unlike Spirit and Frontier JetBlue does not use the Navitaire PSS from Amadeus although it was the launch customer for Navitaire's New Skies system which it used until 2010 when it switched to Sabre.
06 April 2022

Amadeus has expanded the integration and partnership announced in July 2021 by acquiring Kambr. Navitaire has been active in developing revenue optimisation capabilities for ancillaries via its API products and services. The acquisition of Kambr expands its capablities for inventory and revenue management control. Accelya's RMS is currently the leading provider of revenue management solutions for Navitaire's customer base. Navitaire will likely push the value of tighter integration and service management as part of the value proposition of Kambr. Given the Navitaire customers' thirst for simplicity,...
31 March 2022

Dieter Westermann and Ian Luck present Dynamic Pricing and Distribution : Indexing the Progress showcasing our latest research highlights and analysis on Dynamic Pricing. This hot issue in the airline industry is the subject of much speculation around how quickly it may progress, especially in indirect channels.
10 March 2022

Hitit has raised a capital injection of around USD 25 million with an IPO price of TL12.25 per share. The company was valued at around USD 115 million with a free float of 28%. Hitit plans to use the raised capital to further support its international growth and expansion.
02 March 2022

As announced in October of last year Sabre has now completed the sale of its AirCentre operations portfolio to CAE of Canada. The sale is valued at $392.5 million and includes technology and intellectual property as well as the transfer of associated staff.
01 March 2022

Frontier Airlines and Spirit have announced that they are to merge. The combined airline will have a fleet of around 330 narrow body jets and will be expected to carry over 50 million annual passengers as the market recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Both airlines are currently users of the Navitaire New Skies PSS from Amadeus and the new carrier will become the fourth largest Navitaire customer globally and the largest in the Americas.
07 February 2022

Radixx has migrated Nok Air from Navitaire to its PSS (Radixx Res and Radixx Go) and IBE (Radixx ezyCommerce). Nok Air has also signed a new distribution deal with Sabre. Nok Air boarded 8.2 million passengers pre-Covid in 2019 and 4.2 million passengers in 2020.
22 December 2021

Hawaiian Airlines has signed a deal with Amadeus to implement its Altea PSS platform. Hawaiian Airlines has been a long standing Sabre PSS customer and its migration from Sabre is expected to start in Q1 2022 and to be completed by 2023. The airline boarded almost 12 million pbs pre-Covid and is projected to board around 6 million pbs in 2021.
09 December 2021

Datalex has been appointed by Virgin Australia to lead its digital retailing roadmap providing its solutions; Datalex Direct, Datalex NDC, Datalex Merchandiser and Datalex Dynamic as well as its newly released Digital Configurator. This is Datalex's first major win since its dispute with Lufthansa. In 2019 Virgin Australia processed near to 25 million PBs and was brought out of voluntary administration late last year by Bain Capital. The airline is now processing around 8 million PBs per year in light of strict travel restrictions in Australia.
07 December 2021

T2RL is pleased to welcome Ian Luck as the new President Distribution, starting 16th November 2021. Press Release.
16 November 2021

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Following the announcement that FLYR Labs has acquired Newshore, T2RL has noted several companies that have ambitions to expand their offering in the airline commercial IT environment. This First View highlights a few of these companies and what needs to be thought about when entering a space dominated by Amadeus, Sabre and TravelSky.
27 July 2022

On the claim that Sabre's contract with US Airways was anti-competitive the jury found in favour of the GDS company. On the related claim that Sabre operated an unlawful monopoly it found for the airline but awarded a single dollar in compensation. T2RL assesses what this outcome means for airlines, GDSs, technology players and other stakeholders.
23 May 2022

S7 has announced, via a third-party source, its migration from the Amadeus PSS to Russian provider ORS, formerly known as TAIS. The provider was chosen via a tender process and the migration will take place in October this year. It has been reported by the Russian press that the Russian Ministry of Transport in 2019 ordered all Russian carriers to localised their booking systems. It has also been reported that the date for these forced migrations has been postponed several times. The most recent reports say that carriers are required to localise their booking services by the end of October 2022. This six page T2RL report offers analysis and speculation.
06 May 2022

The Flight Centre Travel Group announced that it has increased its holding in Dubai-based NDC aggregator TP Connects to 70%, giving it a controlling interest. Flight Centre previously held a 22.5% stake which it acquired in February 2020. This first view explores why it could see this as an opportunity and what challenges it and other aggregators may face moving forward.
21 March 2022

All three major GDS companies have announced that they have removed or are removing the schedules and fares of Aeroflot from their databases. This effectively prevents travel agents using Sabre, Amadeus and Travelport selling tickets for the Russian flag-carrier's services. This First View explores the effects this may have and speculates on potential short and longer term impacts of current events.
07 March 2022

Qantas has announced a promotional offer available exclusively to travel agents participating in its NDC channels. The offer provides a specific discount when the agent enters the customer's FFP number in the booking. This First View assesses this announcement and the reasoning behind using such a tactic.
15 February 2022

The migration of GOL from Amadeus Navitaire to Sabre is the first PSS move of any airline in the top three tiers this year and is the largest airline migration since the pandemic hit 18 months ago. This First View looks at the future strategy of the top three PSS vendors; Amadeus, Sabre and TravelSky and their outlook after the pandemic.
22 September 2021

T2RL has reconciled passenger volumes for the first half of 2021 published by the three largest PSS providers - Amadeus, Sabre & TravelSky - and created a forecast for their full year 2021 passenger volumes. T2RL will continue to research actual passenger volumes and our 2021 vendor forecast will be updated regularly here: Vendor Forecast.
13 September 2021

T2RL has recorded the total size of the market for airline revenue accounting systems in 2020 as 1.6 billion passengers boarded, a decline of 59% from 2019. This report takes a snapshot of the current revenue accounting market share for vendors in August 2021 using passenger numbers from 2020.
31 August 2021

Hitit has recently announced it is gearing up for an IPO in the near future. In what has been a turbulent year for the industry, this First View explores Hitit's activities in the past year.
07 July 2021

T2RL has released its assessment of 2020 global passenger volumes showing 1.84 Billion passengers boarded - a 60% decline from 2019's 4.63 billion. This first view includes significant highlights from our 2020 passenger volumes and the impact on passengers boarded by the three largest PSS vendors - Amadeus, Sabre & TravelSky.
17 June 2021

IBS has announced that Gulf Air has chosen its iFly Loyalty solution to power its Falconflyer Loyalty programme. This the latest in a string of signings the loyalty vendor has in the pipe. This First View looks at why things are heating up in the loyalty space.
14 April 2021

Full reports are available for subscribers to download. Feel free to download the extracts which give an introduction and contents table of the full report.

T2RL has released its assessment of 2021 global passenger volumes showing 2.34 billion passengers boarded - a 27% increase from 2020's 1.85 billion but a 49% decline from 2019's 4.63 billion passengers boarded. This first view explores passenger numbers by region, by PSS provider and by group ranking.
27 June 2022

T2RL has produced a report on the current status of NDC and ONE Order including details of new NDC implementations, IT developments and costs to airlines. It also includes our view on how these changes are currently impacting the industry.
15 June 2022

This report draws upon a survey amongst airlines to gather feedback on what dynamic pricing capabilities airlines have in place today, what they have planned in the near future and some of questions that need to be asked before rolling out such technology.
23 May 2022

T2RL assesses the possible outcomes and ripple effects the US Airways v. Sabre civil antitrust lawsuit in the United States may have on the industry and other stakeholders.
25 April 2022

This is the seventh edition of T2RL's analysis on the market recovery for the airline industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This report examines the lifting of the majority of travel restrictions and the diverse market responses along with traffic data. T2RL details recommendations for airlines on IT contracting, distribution and technology.
20 April 2022

T2RL's research projected 2.1 billion passengers in the market for airline revenue management systems in 2021, a 25% increase on 2020 numbers. This report highlights the key vendors by market share, key migrations in 2021 and 2022 to date, plus an insight into opportunities and challenges in the area of pricing optimisation.
13 April 2022

T2RL estimates the total market of Type B messaging typically costs airlines between $920 Million and $1.07 Billion per year. This is substantially overvalued. Infrastructure and IT service charges in this area have declined by 90+% over the last thirty years and therefore costs should have followed the same trend. This paper assesses the market for Type B messaging and what airlines can do to reduce their costs in this area.
01 March 2022

Across the world in 2021, 50 new airlines were launched and 22 carriers ceased operations. This report will examine the comings and goings in the aviation industry highlighting the impact of Covid-19 in the year that has just ended, with comparisons to the previous years.
09 February 2022

T2RL has produced a report on the current status of NDC and ONE Order including details of GDS negotiations and surcharges with our view on how this currently impacts the industry.
12 January 2022

This is the sixth edition of T2RL's analysis on the market recovery for the airline industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This report examines the impact of the Omicron variant on international travel. T2RL details recommendations for airlines on IT contracting, distribution and technology.
04 January 2022

Fundamental changes to airline distribution have been on the cards for the past ten years. With NDC, airlines now have easier technical options available to showcase product offers and bundles through the indirect channel. Since the start of the pandemic we have witnessed an increase in the number of airlines taking a closer look at their distribution strategies to seek improvements in efficiency. Aggregators are one set of providers that are experiencing this gear-shift first-hand. This report takes a look at the current state of the aggregator market and predictions on where this is heading in the next five years.
24 November 2021

This is T2RL's 5th edition of the Global Passenger Volumes Analysis Report. The report includes an in-depth analysis of 2020 passenger volumes, historical growth analysis, 2021 global passenger volume projections and longer-term predictions.
27 October 2021

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