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6 Billion Revenue Passengers Boarded by 2023
T2RL has just released its projections for the passenger air transport market out to 2029. They show growth from 2018's 4.47 Billion passengers boarded to 6.06 Billion in 2023 and almost 9 Billion in ten years' time.

FLIGHTKEYS: Advancing the State-of-the-Art in Flight Planning
In a briefing from Senior Management T2RL have learned that FLIGHTKEYS GmbH will soon launch its new Flight Planning solution, FLIGHTKEYS 5D, and announce launch customers. In this First View, T2RL assesses FLIGHTKEYS' new solution and the impact it may have on the industry.

GE Aviation: Playing the long game
GE Aviation has been the global leader in commercial aircraft engine deliveries for many years. On 18-21 February 2019, it hosted a conference in Dallas, around the theme of using data to generate insights. In this First View, T2RL look at GE Aviation's strategy moving forward and how they plan to add value from insights obtained from data.

ONE Order may bring value - eventually
IATA continues to promote its new standard for communications between Order Management Systems, delivery and accounting systems. There have been some limited proof of concept projects and a number of airlines have committed publicly to the new standard. In this First View, T2RL look at what is needed to make this standard a success and what it might mean for the industry in the long term.

Blockchain has not yet found its problem
Airlines, like many other enterprises, are currently subject to extensive marketing on behalf of blockchain technology providers. In this First View, T2RL looks into this new technology and where it could possibly be used by an airline.

A Smart Move at Sabre
On 14th November 2018 Sabre Corporation announced that it had agreed to acquire Farelogix for $360 million in cash. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close around the turn of the year. In this First View, T2RL assess the impact that the acquisition will have on customers on both sides and the industry as a whole.

AGIFORS - Revenue Management remains main driver of Airline Research
The most recent annual AGIFORS Symposium took place in Tokyo on 8th-12th October 2018. The conference attracted some of the top minds in aviation operations research, discussing innovative topics which have the potential to create value for airlines in the future. Given the topics of discussion and through T2RLs own experience, over the next few years T2RL expect that Revenue Management will continue to be the most productive area, in terms of both revenue gains for airlines and increased R&D investment by system vendors.

ATPCO is determined to remain relevant
On 1 February 2018 the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) announced the acquisition of Routehappy, an aggregator of so-called “rich content” relating to airline services. In this First View, T2RL assess the implications of this acquisition and its effectiveness in creating the conditions for long-term success.

Arrivals and Departures in 2017
This report examines the comings and goings in the industry in 2017. The most significant losses were in Europe where Air Berlin and Monarch both operated their last services. Almost by definition it is not possible to say which will be the most significant of the start-ups until they have been in operation for a few years but it is likely that they will include at least a few major carriers of the future.

Across the world In 2017 52 new airlines were launched and 48 stopped flying. Of the 48, 17 suspended operations with the hope of restarting in the near future.


BA must rightsize IT
British Airways system outage has caused chaos for some 75,000 passengers. T2RL believe BA can not risk their business and brand by designing and specifying the build of their own systems by third-parties, unless they can obtain the same performance or better as those such as market leaders Amadeus or Sabre.

Amadeus – Optym Partnership
On November 3, 2016, Amadeus and Optym jointly issued a press release announcing that the two firms have formed a partnership for the purpose of creating a new generation of airline network planning and flight scheduling tools. The two firms will jointly offer a suite of five schedule planning tools covering (1) schedule optimisation, (2) schedule reliability, (3) market forecasting, (4) schedule management, and (5) route frequency optimisation. Product branding will include both companies’ names.

IBS Wins SunExpress
IBS PLC will supply Lufthansa and Turkish Airline's joint venture SunExpress with their PSS, replacing Hitit. T2RL see the deal as significant for a number of reasons other than the market volume of passengers boarded processed.

PSS Market Update November 2015
T2RL have updated market shares and business model data. T2RL believe Hitit and Radixx will be attractive to larger providers wishing to grow their business in the fastest growing segments of the PSS market.

Amadeus to buy Accenture's Navitaire - First View Analysis
Amadeus' bid for Accenture's Navitaire has the potential to change the PSS market structure for some time. Most customers are unlikely to oppose the deal, but a few commercially savvy airlines will seek to lower cost and improve terms from the acquisition. The deal presents some regulatory risk specifically in Europe, although Amadeus will have undoubtedly taken advice that the markets are quite different.

Lufthansa moves on Distribution Cost
In response to Lufthansa's announcement with respect to passing on charges in the GDS channel from 1 September 2015, T2RL have developed a First View perspective and insight for clients.

Sabre Wins LATAM's TAM and Displaces Amadeus
LATAM announced their decision to select Sabre as their single PSS platform on 05 May 2015. This is a big deal for Sabre as it secures their inventory footprint in Latin America with the largest regional carrier. Securing inventory is a critical piece of the puzzle for any PSS/GDS supplier and Sabre will be the dominant PSS provider in the region following cutover to Sabre. Combined with COPA's recent win, Sabre now have a solid, long term IT platform in Latin America. Execution will be challenging, however the current economic climate provides urgency to get this work done.

Radixx and Flydubai Secure their Futures
T2RL consider the Flydubai / Radixx news and agreement as important for airline buyers of PSS. The source code licence option is unusual for such a small carrier. The last major source code deal was Delta Airlines with Travelport. The deal is therefore worth commentary from T2RL's analyst community.

Distribution Heatmap 2015
T2RL's research team met in Whistler, Canada from 13th. to 17th. April 2015 to define the key issues facing airline distribution executives for the coming year. The GDS' are thriving and like any business they continue to exert pricing power when they have the opportunity to do so. LCC's are participating in the traditional distribution architectures and are well placed to take advantage of the infrastructure developed and tuned by the traditional carriers and their vendors. Market dynamics are challenging with market concentration and consumers access to technology.

Guestlogix takeover OpenJaw - aiming for one stop shop for ancillaries
Guestlogix has bought out the ancillary packaging software company, OpenJaw for $41.2 million in a deal that will add more heat to the airline merchandising market.

Amadeus wins Japan Airlines International and Domestic Passenger Services Business
Amadeus have consolidated their position in Asia as the dominant supplier of passenger services technology by announcing a long-term agreement with Japan Airlines.

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