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This section allows the generation of market share reports for Revenue Management.
Market shares are measured by the airline's passenger numbers.

Also presented are selection of our Insight documents related to Revenue Management.

In addition to an overall RM market share based on a combination of segment and network solutions, T2RL has also calculated market share for each RM solution separately; Segment RM, Network RM and Group RM.

Global Market Share
Current global market shares of the three distinctions of Revenue Management


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Business Model
Passenger Numbers ?Adjusted numbers include passengers from Franchise Carriers and subsidiaries. Click to read more

RM Migrations
Data on which airlines have implemented or changed their RM provider

Revenue Management Publications

Etihad have signed a deal with Amadeus to implement its Altea PSS platform, as well as its new version IBE, mobile app, revenue management and merchandising platform. Etihad, who flew over 17 million pbs pre-Covid, is expected to migrate in 2022. This is not the first time that Etihad has used the Amadeus system, having originally migrated from Amadeus Altea to Sabre in 2013. Etihad flew just over 4 million pbs in 2020 but is showing signs of recovery as travel restrictions are being lifted.
14 September 2021

Kambr, a newcomer to the revenue management market, has announced a partnership with PSS provider Navitaire. It is unsurprising given both parties specifically target the LCC market and comes after Kambr migrated AirAsia, one of Navitaire's largest customers, to their RM software earlier this year. The partnership intends to facilitate smoother data integration between the two platforms. The announcement will be a particular concern to Accelya who currently holds over 60% of the market in the LCC RM space with many of these airlines being Navitaire PSS customers.
13 July 2021

Kambr, a recent start-up in the revenue management field has won the business of AirAsia, one of the giants of the LCC world.
09 March 2021

T2RL's research highlights 1.7 billion passengers boarded in the market for airline revenue management systems in 2020 down 60% on 2019. This report highlights the key vendors by market share, key migrations and trends for 2020 and 2021.
08 February 2021

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