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Company Name Yieldin
Founded 2019
Head Office Paris, France
Parent Company Privately Company
Ownership Privately Company
Offers revenue management and dynnamic pricing from start-up airlines to network airlines
Product Market Share
Revenue Management: 0.048%
Full Market Share Reports
T2RL Application Capabilities T2RL Application Capabilities refers to the vendors ability to fulfil capabilities in the T2RL Architecture Reference Model
Business Intelligence
Revenue Management
Software Development

Description and History
Yieldin specializes in airline traditional legacy revenue management and modern dynamic pricing. Performance change can be explained by both past and current market information, such as competitor prices and web demand.

Their product suite is branded as VISIUM and includes the following:
- VISIUM.Y - Revenue Management System - Inventory management and d... more> (login required)

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We have more detailed information on this vendor, regarding customers and contracts, as well as for all other significant airline technology vendors and 1,000+ airlines, which is all updated regularly and available to subscribers, along with global market data and in-depth reports and analysis.

T2RL data is the result of two decades of research and is derived from published sources, direct primary research and in the course of our work with airlines, IT vendors and investors. We believe it is the most up to date, accurate, broad and impartial information available.

Subscriptions start at £10,000 (less for airlines) and can be engaged through our sales team or directly via our shop.

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